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Debbie OToole

Debbie OToole instructs the following:
  • TRX
  • Total Body Suspension Training

  • Boot Camp
  • Military style workout incorporating various drills.

  • Instructor's Choice
  • Could be bag training, bootcamp, Total Body Conditioning etc. - a surprise workout that will be challenging and fun! What's better to shock your body and get results!.

  • Kettlebell,Conditioning & Core

  • Booty Camp
  • The name says it all! A special boot camp designed to target - you guessed it!

  • Target Training
  • A workout that targets different muscle groups and challenges your strength and endurance. Different muscle groups will be challenged in each class.

  • H.I.T. Zone
  • A High Intensity Training workout. Its either timed or done to complete a certain number of reps. A class for everyone A highly intensified workout guaranteed to make you sweat! you will see improvement in your cardiovascular, endurance and muscular strength.

  • kettle bells
  • Kettlebells are used for resistance during this class.  A fun and challenging class that incorporates cardio while performing various exercises using the kettle bells..

  • Total Body Conditioning