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Athletic Training



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 Our approach to athletic training is multidisciplinary. We understand

that in order for each athlete to reach their true potential, all areas of development need to be addressed. 


Athletic Training Individualization-

Exceptional training regimens are designed according to such factors as an athlete's needs, age, muturity, athletic ability, sport position, and training experience. 

Individual training prescriptions are based upon the result of a movement analysis and performance assessment and include corrective exercises to increase mobility, stability and strength.


Proper Foundation-

Satisfy the needs for structural balance before specific demands. Reduce the chance of injury by focusing on joint stabilization, proprioception, core awareness, and progressive increases in strength. Posterior chain training (backside of the body) is a must for any athlete trying to improve most sports specific performance!



Knowledge is power.  As much as we motivate and coach, we focus on teaching our athletes body awareness in both controlled and dynamic environments so athletes gain an understanding of what they're doing and why they're doing it.


Safe, Effective Training Considerations-

Carefully applied, well supervised conditioning programs are necessary for safe adaptations to the demands of explosive sports. General conditioning prepares the body for the increasing demands of training, capitalizing on performance and injury prevention.


Setting the foundation for successful Youth Athletics takes the right kind of person with a sound approach.  Don't place your young athletes in the hands of someone without a specific plan!





A strong athlete can apply more force to the 
ground or an object than a weak athlete.


The human body works like an “X’ during athletic endeavors.  Everything from throwing a baseball to kicking a soccer ball involves power transfer from one hemisphere of the body to the other. We place a huge emphasis on strength training the lower body in all planes of motion,one leg and hip at a time. Since lighter loads are used compared to bilateral training, the athlete is less prone to injury in the gym.  In addition, greater structural balance through increased hip and knee stability is achieved which transfers well since most athletes bear weight on one leg at a time in their respective sports.



 Being a strong athlete requires more
than just Muscular Strength


Many athletes fail to realize the lack of conditioning and the effect it has on their overall performance. The act of just playing games will not sufficiently challenge the physical requirements necessary to uplift specific skills to a higher level. While improving and refining a player’s sport specific skills is crucial for enhancing the quality of play, it is the improvement of the player’s athletic ability that allows him to elevate his/her game to a higher level. Feeding off strength, power production comes from a combination of neuromuscular coordination (muscles working together to perform a specific task) and skill development. Thus, we work with our athletes on specific athletic drills to improve overall athleticism. 


As athletic ability increases, sport specific skills will likewise be raised to new heights.    


Bill Fellah

Athletic Training Director, Ozone Fitness Training Center


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