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Bills tip of the Day April 2014


Single Leg Progressions




Bills Tip of the Day Sept 2013


Improving your Overhead Reach and Range of Motion




Bill's Tip of the Day May 2013


Unilateral Push Pull Circuit






Bryan's Tip of the Day!
Setting up a proper pushup plank

Taimi's Tip of the Day April 2014


The Perfect Squat




Nina's Tip of the Day Aug 2015


Shoulder Stability







Jesus Tip of the Day July 2014


The Deadlift



Jesus Tip of the Day July 2013


The Plank



Jesus's Tip of the Day 


Negative Push-ups March 2013





Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Grand Opening, Saturday, October 20th.  Ozone Fitness Training Center trainers & First Selectman - Michael Tetreau.