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Meet Our Trainers!


Debbie O’Toole   Debbie O’Toole

   Goal: “To help People Achieve and Exceed Their Fitness Goals”


   A.F.A.A (PT Certification)

ACE (PT Certification)

   Black Belt Karate

Sports Specific Training

   Aerobic Kickboxing

   Areas of Expertise

   Weight Loss / Nutrition


   Adult / Teenager

Women Menopausal

   Sports Injuries






billy    Bill Fellah, Fitness Director

   Goal: “Combining body awareness and intensity to reach your highest fitness level.” 


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 Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist    

12 years weight training

  I.S.S.A. ( PT Certification)  
  Areas of Expertise


Strength Training

  Athletic Training


  Trigger Point / Soft Tissue

Mobility / Flexibility


 Recovery Methods




nina2      Nina Miller

  Goal: “To help my clients understand that moving correctly in combination with a
  healthy mentality is the key to long term fitness success”

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                       Education / Experience


    Spirit All-Star Cheerleader
    College Athlete

    Cheer Coach

                                                                                Areas of Expertise

                                                         Strength Training

                                                         Youth Athletics       Gymnastics Conditioning 


bri headshot      Brianna Castrogivanni

    Goal: “I want to help people with chronic disease discover the benefits exercise in combination
            with proper nutrition and show them how it can change the course of their disease and life"


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                  Education / Experiences
     M.S. Clinical Exercise Science and Nutrition

     Former D1 Cross Country / Track and field Athlete

     10 years competitive running


                Areas of Expertise
                         Chronic Disease prevention     Nutrition     Diabetes management      Running              




Bryan1     Bryan Kaestner

  Goal: "Let me motivate you to train harder, eat healthier and achieve your goals"

              Education / Experience

  N.A.S.M. Certification

  11 Yrs. Weight Training

  Former College Athlete

  Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

              Areas of Expertise

    Functional, Strength         Athletic and Group  

                                                               Nutrition Consultation         Body Building





Chris   Chris Connelly
    Goal: "Work with Clients to build a strong base by focusing on individual potential"

                               Education / Experiences
    Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition

   Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

   Certified Exercise Physiologist

   3 Years Strength Training

   Former Division 1 Runner
                          Areas of Expertise  

   Sports Training      Running       Mobility / Flexability       
                                        Strength Training     Nutrition  

  Goal: "My Goal is to empower clients of all levels to regain their strength,stability,
  movement awareness and confidence so they can achieve their highest level of function.
  To me fitness is defined as the ability to perform at a high level at any given moment"


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   A.F.A.A (PT Certification)


  10 Years Strength Training

  Areas of Expertise

 Functional Training